Monday, March 8, 2010

Great opportunity, short deadline!! (for you or your students)

I just came across this an article in Time about Motivate Michigan and couldn't remember if you'd sent a blast out about it yet. THIS IS DUE IN 4 DAYS. Here is an explanation spliced together from the article and the MM website:

The Michigan economy needs tangible improvement. Motivate Michigan is a competition among Michigan-based college students to discover the next great creative idea for the state's economic growth. Incoming freshmen and students enrolled in Michigan’s colleges and universities will compete for scholarships and internships provided by sponsoring companies and organizations. Teams and individual students will submit ideas online to improve the Michigan economy. A committee will pick out the top ideas based on their potential impact, originality, creativity and feasibility. Then, the public will have a chance to vote for the top five. A panel of judges will pick the final winner. Submissions must be in by March 12; voting starts April 12.

The winning idea will be developed into a project plan and presented to the logical “Project Owner” for funding and support.

Here's the news article:

Here's the competition website:

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