Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some Detroit performances of the musical variety

This is some information compiled by wife to relay to the group for those that are interested in some of the music happening in Detroit. - BMG and Secrets, - Patrick Russell is
who I would go to see!! - benefit for Haiti,
Terrence Parker is pretty special - uses a telephone instead of
headphones and is a turntablist. Kevin Saunderson and Al Ester -
historically important djs in detroit - Secrets - great music - excellent
musicians, should be a great party. - another great
party, esp. Luke Hess and Kevin Reynolds - probably playing early in
the night. - K Hand and
Punisher are ladies, and great djs. K Hand is first Detroit woman to
start making techno in early 1980s - Ryan Elliot is on
Ghostly International, Ann Arbor based record company

Most of these events get promoted on Facebook as well, just search the
djs if you're interested.

Also, Todd Osborn every Sunday night 10-2 at the Elbow Room in Ypsi.
Always excellent music, pool, and pac-man. :) - always good for great music
information, record label local to detroit

Also, WCBN on Thursday nights from 10pm-1am, Carlos Souffront, local
dj, plays fantastic music. You can listen to it streaming live on the
WCBN website. He's a favorite of a lot of talented detroit djs, he's
often called the dj's dj. He's awesome!

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