Monday, January 18, 2010

Temporary Art Communities in Detroit

Something I've been thinking about is the idea of locational identity and the formation of temporal artist communities. Detroit has a lot of these...

One such instance is 'Theater Bizzare'. This 'Theater' is actually a one night artistic "happening". It happens every year same place and around the same time in October.

Artists invented the community and create the happening, then they leave it.
Some of the set stays intact, some comes down.
They return again the next year to re-create the event.
Some artists stay on site and continue with their creative work.
I've met painters and sculptors who live in the houses that face what used to be the Detroit fairgrounds.

At the moment some of these thoughts are incomplete, but its something I'm enjoying mulling over.

What are created artist communities?
How does their locational identity form (or inform) the work they do?

More on Theater Bizarre (here)

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  1. This is fabulous!! Amazing, the amount of effort put into this event, and the amount of space and freedom they have to pull it off. Thanks so much for sharing!